Be qualified to submit applications

Our lives revolve around our incomes. Higher the income better our living standards will be, and the source of our income does not matter. It could be from a business, investments, land or like most in the working middle class from the remuneration you would receive from the jobs you would be doing.

It would be interesting to note that you are just ONE (01) in five billion (5,000,000,000) people who are working for their daily grub and other needs in the world, from a population of seven billion, two hundred million(7,200,000,000) people in all occupying this planet. So you are not alone out there and the figure is rising with more young people joining the rat race.

With so many working how do you think you would fit into the equation of finding suitable jobs? Is it like searching for a needle in a haystack? It may seem like an uphill task, but not with your trusted and reliable rakiyawa there to help you and others like you.

Rakiyawa has helped many aspirants seeking suitable jobs in Sri Lanka over many years and we have a very diverse portfolio for you to choose from. From the high end remuneration to the middle lower end we have ample new jobs. Our commitment and unstinted desire to see that all our prospectivenew job vacancies are filled fast and both the employer and employee are mutually satisfied and benefitted from the help we extend is what we cherish.

From the time both the relevant parties make contact with us, we will ensure that all Sri Lankan jobs we have on our website are satisfactorily concluded. We have some top jobs for which we seek individuals with extraordinary qualities, and qualifications. If you think you would fit the bill you are welcome to talk to us and walk into a top job Sri Lanka.

Our courteous and helpful staff will guide you in designing your cv and prepare you for presentation at an interview, which would be your door to a top job. Once you have studied the vacancies we have and decided on which topjobs you are qualified to submit applications for, we will help you from there onwards till you succeed in one of the best jobs, and be happy and contented.


To be effective in online marketing.

Prior to the advent of the World Wide Web or what we popularly call the internet, marketing had commonly traditional systems. The print and radio media was used with aggressive point of sale advertising to lure consumers to buy products. The point of sale advertising was so intense that even access to shelf space was keenly contested by various brands.

With the internet, wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, electronic billboards, podcasts and digital television among many other devices being introduced into the market and users having access to products from many in competition with each other being available at their fingertips the equation changed drastically.

Consumers went searching on the internet or what is called today as search engine marketing began. Unlike previously where marketers were searching for customers, they found a fast and reliable medium where customers were searching for their products either from the comfort of their homes, or at their own leisurely pace. A hornet’s hive had been disturbed and was born search marketing the most sought after marketing tool today.

Major companies like Digital Marketing agency Melbourne, identified the potential Digital marketing was going to make in the marketing industry, and they offered some innovative marketing strategies to their clients.

In web marketing you had to be found, and found soon if you were to be the first bird to catch the first worm. To be the first bird you had to work hard to be there on top of the search engine, and Search engine optimization became three important words in everyone’s lips. You had to master SEO to be found, among all the jargon that was out there. Melbourne seo has provided some great seo services to their clients who have high search engine rankings.

To be effective in online marketing you had to have all the relevant branches working in a synchronized manner only then could you expect results. The requirements were varied, but you had to have world class staff to carry your marketing strategies forward.

Digital Marketing Melbourne started leading the way for others to follow, and is today in the forefront as the most innovative Digital marketing agency. To be a successful web marketing agency you should score as many conversions as possible from the traffic that is directed.